Badenova: Personal data protection enhances IT security


Integrated DLP concept from Sopra Steria helps Freiburg-based utility badenova to assess and minimise potential threats and prevent exposure to liability.

The solution

Sopra Steria used its own proven procedural model, which guaranteed a structured, productive, efficient handling of the project. After identifying the critical business units and processes, the DLP experts conducted a large number of interviews. badenova’s present situation was recorded on this basis. Threat scenarios were debated and potential for improvements developed and discussed. Sopra Steria then established which particular short-term potential improvements were feasible. Specific recommendations were drawn up, agreed and finalised with regards to the action required to prevent or significantly reduce existing threats.

The team also assessed which improvements could be achieved using DLP tools. To do so, information from the analysis stage was used to assess the contribution that such software tools could provide to reduce threats.