e.kundenservice Netz GmbH: harmonisation in gas data management


The requirements specified by European and German regulatory authorities to gas grid
operators are constantly increasing. They include ever shorter process cycles for energy data management. e.kundenservice Netz GmbH (EKN), one of E.ON’s business services units, has responded to these challenges. The energy data management (EDM) service provider for four E.ON DSOs has rolled out GAS-X GDM 2.0, an integrated technical quantity determination system aimed to harmonise the EDM infrastructure of their distribution system operators.

The solution

An integrated system was rolled out to all four regional utilities by e.kundenservice Netz GmbH. As the new solution GAS-X GDM 2.0 is based on an automated, event-driven approach, shorter calculation and communication processes are achieved. EKN is now able to perform hourly processes for all four E.ON regional utilities in accordance with the applicable market rules of the EnWG (German Energy Industry Act), KoV (Cooperation Agreement) and the DVGW (German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water) worksheets G486, G685 and G686. The modern web and service-driven architecture of the application increases its scalability and availability. The solution supports the automatic substitute value creation process, including tamper-proof documentation.
The standardised system infrastructure and related processes have led to a significant reduction of operating and implementation costs associated with future requirements in this highly-dynamic environment.
  • Consolidation: Four become one. One system for all four regional E.ON grid operators
  • Automation: Event-driven approach for calculation and communications processes
  • Harmonisation: Identical processes in accordance with current market rules
  • Modernisation: The web and service-driven system architecture is a prerequisite for digital transformation