GASCADE GASTRANSPORT - EU regulation to set up virtual interconnection points (VIP) implemented on time


Since 1 November 2018, Transmission System Operators (TSO) have been under the obligation, pursuant to Article 19 (9) of EU Regulation 2017/459 (NC CAM), to set up virtual interconnection points (VIP) between adjacent entry-exit systems. The network operator GASCADE Gastransport has implemented this requirement at the Czech-German border crossing. The virtual interconnection point was launched on time in cooperation with Sopra Steria Consulting.

The solution

The implemented software extension integrates seamlessly into the system environment of the GAS-X Grid contracting and GAS-X Grid nomination software solutions. The enhanced architecture enables a general-purpose solution that works as a template for many VIPs in Germany. The challenge of taking legacy contracts into account was met using a hybrid model. Legacy contracts from individual network operators flow into the VIP and must be observed by the VIP operator. The many new interfaces of the GAS-X Grid software ensure smooth, multi-directional communication between all the process partners involved. Functioning processing, marketing and coordination at the new Brandov-GASPOOL virtual interconnection point is guaranteed this way. All transport capacities on the German-Czech border crossing in the GASPOOL H-Gas market territory are now completely marketed with the GAS-X Grid software and processed operationally and billed at the VIP.